A leading MVNE in South Africa, and home to some of the most competitive and A-grade mobile networks. Offering full-circle solutions and services, MVN-X creates more value for partners through their very own branded mobile networks.

Prenolin Govender – Customer Care Team Leader: “I started as a Sales Agent in August 2017, then was promoted to a Sales Team Leader in October 2017. Gradually, I applied for other opportunities in the business and in March 2019 I was successful in my interview for a Customer Care Team Leader at MVN-X, where there are endless opportunities. I have recommended working here to many friends and definitely would in future because this is the organisation that most resembles my personal values. I love the progressive, leaning nature of the business. I love its openness. I love the fact that it’s forward thinking and it moves quickly and just the whole ethos behind it.”

Sizwe Sithole – Support Engineer: “The first time I got a call from the Recruitment Team at Ignition made my world colourful – all of a sudden. My thirst for experience was quenched by the cool projects and great Team that I was introduced to work within my first month. The “YES” Attitude has grown in me even outside of work.”

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