People, a core value, proves to be our greatest and most valued asset. Engaging and nurturing, our People team sources passionate and skilled individuals for all our business units, ensures fair and timeous compensation to employees, and develops skillsets to aid growth and succession.

Natisha Hurdial – International People Consultant: “When I have started at Ignition the experience was very warm and exciting. I was treated with a lot of respect and there was a warm welcome from my team.”

Titus Devarajoo – Instructional Designer: “Through the years I have enjoyed the people culture that is within the organisation. I have built relationships with people from various departments and roles. Through them, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that lets me understand the business from different viewpoints.”

Keshree Naidoo – Senior People Consultant: “The opportunity of working in HR has helped me learn, whether that means gaining self-awareness, discovering something that is unique to my company, or working through something with an employee. The x-factor of not knowing what the day brings, creates variety and interest. Two of my strengths are “learner” and “input,” and I find that working in HR always keeps these engaged.”

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